Celebrate Italian Design

We invite you to create, design, draw, and drink with this month's curation,
crafted around some of the most innovative Italian companies.
Vices Monthly Subscription Box”
These tools and treats are connected by a perspective and practice that is profoundly Italian: Through the mastery of old world arts, beautiful and timeless innovation will rise.

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What’s inside the box:

Pininfarina The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Gift”

The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano

A celebration of both historic and modern writing. It needs no ink, yet it gives visual life to the words in our heads. It has no lead or graphite, but it allows us to draw, sketch and create. This design tool will beautifully adorn your desk and last in your family for generations to come.

Pininfarina Logo

The Forever
Pininfarina Cambiano

Northbound Notebooks Buffalo Leather Notebook and Paper Gift”

Buffalo Leather Notebook
and Paper

There is something endearing and timeless about a notebook. We’ve been jotting our secrets down in them since childhood diaries, our personal tastes and budgets for them growing along with us.

Northbound NotebooksLogo

Buffalo Leather

Illy Coffee Single Origin Coffee Gift

Single Origin Coffee

“This sustainably grown coffee, hand selected and expertly roasted by illy, awaken the senses and satisfy your curiosity while offering you a pleasant escape from the ordinary.”

Illy Coffee Logo

Single Origin Coffee

Don Ciccio & Figli Cinque Apertivo Gift

Cinque Apertivo

A bitter that 's based around a recipe from 1929. It includes infusions from 12 roots and herbs, with bitter orange and gentian lutea being the most prominent. We drink it neat...we drink it with soda...and it just so happens to make the best Negroni that we've ever tasted.

Don Ciccio & Figli Logo

Cinque Apertivo

 Terlato Kitchen Handcrafted Soft Biscotti Gift

Handcrafted Soft Biscotti

It's not quite a cookie. Not quite a biscuit, either. It so perfectly caps a light meal, but also stands in any time of day beside a hot cup of coffee.

Terlato Kitchen Logo

Handcrafted Soft

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